About Us

“100% Focus on Happiness…and It All Starts with Phenomenal Health!”


That is our singular vision. In order to achieve this exciting vision, many goals are set before it. It is these goals that allow us to continue to grow and envision bigger and better products and services to offer people who share in our vision.How Impactful is Happiness_(1)

Phenomenal health, we believe, is the basis for achieving Happiness. If you don’t feel good, physically, you often don’t feel good mentally or emotionally. Therefore, our vision is to improve the health of over 1,000,000 people, which leads to happier lives. This vision extends to everyone who has a direct interaction with our company, both internally and externally.

The Happiness Group is focused intently on delivering the highest quality nutritional supplements, as well as EXCELLENT customer service – or, as we call it, instead, Customer Happiness –  at every level. We pride ourselves on always keeping customer satisfaction at the fore-front of every product we produce, as well as the services we provide before, during and after a customer interaction.

Discover the heart of our company by reading our Core Values, experiencing our Vision, and finding out what Drives us.

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